March 31, 2011


I am fond of watching TV. When I was still in the province and doesn't have a computer yet, I spend most of my time watching the boob tube , and mind you I love watching Filipino TV Shows: be it game show, soap operas, sitcoms, variety show, talk shows, lifestyle shows, cooking shows etc. etc. I am a couch potato when I'm just home. I am a homebody.

It's a different case now though. I've got a job (graveyard) and I now have a laptop. Thus, I don't have much time to spend in watching television and if ever there is ,I would rather spend it for sleeping or in most instance - for surfing the web.

I would like to list down these TV shows that I have enjoyed watching before:
- GMA Network:
- Hosted by: Paolo Bediones and Regine Tolentino
        I must say that this has been my ultimate favourite show of all time.  I was really hooked up with the show. I actually dream of being one of the contestants for the show. Honestly, I learned a lot from this show. 
- Hosted by: Kris Aquino and later Edu Manzano
        Obviously one of the most popular game shows here in the country. Everybody's hooked up. Among the GKNB versions, I liked Kris Aquino's version compared to Edu manzano's .

fyi: i was once invited to audition for Edu's GKNB. There were 3 of us in the group. Unfortunately we didn't make the cut. 

3. KNN, Kabataan Express!
- Hosted by: Atom Araullo
        - I am a fan of youth oriented shows. I just simply like this show.
          Atom Araullo is one of my idols. hehe

4. Y - SPEAK
- Studio 23
- Hosted by: Bianca Gonzales and Atom Araullo
        - Bold. Interesting. Intelligent.
- GMA 7
- Ensemble Cast: Angel Locsin, Richard Guttierez, Chynna Hortaleza
        - This was my Saturday - afternoon guilty pleasure before.  I was literally glued on my seat once CLICK comes on the boob tube.

- GMA 7
- Ensemble Cast: Keempee De Leon, Tessie Tomas, Sunshine Dizonand Gladys Reyes
        - One of ultimate sitcom faves. I don't know why but I laugh my heart out when I watch this show.

- Studio 23
- Hosted by: Atom Arullo, Patty Laurel, JC Cuadrado
        - My morning alarm clock.