September 17, 2011


Fun. Fun. Fun Saturday.

I am very HAPPY this week for several reasons. First off, I was aligned with my team's schedule. For the longest time now I have been on a different shift from them. They're on 8pm-5am shift, whereas I'm on a 1am-10am shift. Secondly I have been able to get a Saturday-Sunday Off. And just today, our Team Captain had his advance Birthday Party Celebration. We've had an early breakfast on their house. It was a pizza/hotdog galore. It's always the chit-chat part that I love the most. I missed doing it with my team. Later on we decided to go to Mars Video Bar at Ortigas to have some Inuman/Videoke Sessions.

September 14, 2011

Jason Mraz Live in Manila

My Ultimate Idol is coming back to Manila. Mark your calendar guys, October 30 is when he will be performing live in Araneta Coliseum together with Toca Rivera. I am super excited for this. I have promised myself before that I'll get a good seat if he comes back. Saving a little bit more for the concert tickets. See you soon Jason.

Mr. Tounge Twister, hope you sing The Remedy. :-)

September 13, 2011

Miss Universe 2011

I have a strong feeling that Shamcey Supsup will bring home the 3rd Miss Universe Crown for our Country.

Goodluck Shamcey.

September 12, 2011

Blogger App for Itouch


Good Job! I have been waiting for this app. It'll be very convinient for me to update my blog now that my laptop is not working and have been sent for repairs.

Try this one guys, it's free. :-)

September 5, 2011

Sarah Geronimo for Baler, Aurora

"in baler, aurora the greatness of its' best."
"from the province that's breath away from heaven"

Baler, Aurora Province is making a step forward in improving its' tourism campaign. A campaign to introduce our province to all potential tourists. The Popstar Princess, Sarah Geronimo has graced the invitation to sing the theme song for Baler, Aurora. Kudos Sarah, you did really great. I must admit though that the video quality isn't that good. It needs a lot of improvement still, wasted would be those breath-taking spots if it won't be presented in a very good way. But nevertheless, this is a great Tourism Campaign.

I have always been very vocal in saying that I'm a proud Auroran, I will be forever. I invite you guys to experience our Province. You won't regret it. It would be a perfect getaway from the noise and pollution from the city. You will be welcomed by fresh air and genuine smile on Aurorans' faces. Here, you will have the true relaxation at its' best.Come on and Experience its' virginity.