March 31, 2011

Graduate! na sana...

I am truly SAD. I am JEALOUS. I am REGRETFUL. 
Until now I have not graduated from college yet. It's been since 2008 that I should've gotten my diploma. But where I am now?, still trying to finish a degree at a University. I am TIRED. I want to QUIT now. My mind says to stop while my heart suggests to continue. My batch mates, most of them are already degree holder and some are license holder of different professions. 

I have never imagined that I will not finish college during the time I should've finished it. I entered college June 2004. I was kind-of-forced to take Nursing. I can still remember enrolling for BS Commerce but my mother told me to change it otherwise I would have to return to our province. So I then shifted to Nursing. I enjoyed the first 2 years of college. I had very good grades. Come my third year where Duties are part of the curriculum already, I started to feel my dislike with the course. I don't like the hospital settings. I hate the fact that I take care of sick people. I hate blood. I hate needles. I feel like instead of prolonging a sick person's life I can instead shorten it. I don't have focus while I'm on my duty. I was decided. I wanted to escape from it. And I can't find any ways to do that apart from getting a JOB. Thus, I applied for a job at a call center. I was hired. My parents didn't know what i did. I am supposed to be an incoming fourth year then.

After 2 years of working. I decided to go back to school. This time I took Financial Management, I am just on my 2nd year. Still have to take a lot of subjects. 

I don't know where am I directed! I am really tired. I am a WORKING STUDENT. I told myself that I have to earn a degree as soon as possible but I can't give up my job as well. I have my own bills to pay. And of course, I pay my own tuition fees. I don't want to ask my parents to send me back to school, they've spent so much during my Nursing days. I am old enough to support my self.

I can manage my time, but it's really tough. It's physically and mentally exhausting. There were times that I just found myself crying due to tiredness. I know GOD has good plans for me. I am just hoping I am going to the right direction. 

Bon Bon: Kaya mo Yan!


I am fond of watching TV. When I was still in the province and doesn't have a computer yet, I spend most of my time watching the boob tube , and mind you I love watching Filipino TV Shows: be it game show, soap operas, sitcoms, variety show, talk shows, lifestyle shows, cooking shows etc. etc. I am a couch potato when I'm just home. I am a homebody.

It's a different case now though. I've got a job (graveyard) and I now have a laptop. Thus, I don't have much time to spend in watching television and if ever there is ,I would rather spend it for sleeping or in most instance - for surfing the web.

I would like to list down these TV shows that I have enjoyed watching before:
- GMA Network:
- Hosted by: Paolo Bediones and Regine Tolentino
        I must say that this has been my ultimate favourite show of all time.  I was really hooked up with the show. I actually dream of being one of the contestants for the show. Honestly, I learned a lot from this show. 
- Hosted by: Kris Aquino and later Edu Manzano
        Obviously one of the most popular game shows here in the country. Everybody's hooked up. Among the GKNB versions, I liked Kris Aquino's version compared to Edu manzano's .

fyi: i was once invited to audition for Edu's GKNB. There were 3 of us in the group. Unfortunately we didn't make the cut. 

3. KNN, Kabataan Express!
- Hosted by: Atom Araullo
        - I am a fan of youth oriented shows. I just simply like this show.
          Atom Araullo is one of my idols. hehe

4. Y - SPEAK
- Studio 23
- Hosted by: Bianca Gonzales and Atom Araullo
        - Bold. Interesting. Intelligent.
- GMA 7
- Ensemble Cast: Angel Locsin, Richard Guttierez, Chynna Hortaleza
        - This was my Saturday - afternoon guilty pleasure before.  I was literally glued on my seat once CLICK comes on the boob tube.

- GMA 7
- Ensemble Cast: Keempee De Leon, Tessie Tomas, Sunshine Dizonand Gladys Reyes
        - One of ultimate sitcom faves. I don't know why but I laugh my heart out when I watch this show.

- Studio 23
- Hosted by: Atom Arullo, Patty Laurel, JC Cuadrado
        - My morning alarm clock.

March 27, 2011

Prutas (mi favorito)

Summer Time. Apart from going to the beach and eating Halo-Halo, isa sa mga favorite ko na gawin ay ang kumain ng fruits. I love fruits.

Ito ang mga Favorite ko:
1. Bayabas (Guava)
2. Mangga

3. Citrus

4. Mansanas

5. Cacao

6. Saging

7. Rambutan

8. Ubas

9. Avocado

10. Lansones

March 26, 2011

Hell Week!

Wow! What a Week?! 

It's the most stressful week I've ever had. Grabe.  Mula sa school, work and personal life. Parang kelangan ko ng matinung rest. I need a break. I need a vacation. 

I'm looking forward for a better week. I hope. I hope. 
Lord, Thank You for keeping me still. 

March 21, 2011

The Yes Yes Show

I am a big Parokya ni Edgar (PNE) fan. They are one of my favorite Filipino-bands of all time. and one of my favorite songs from PNE is "The Yes Yes Show." I used to memorize its' lyrics. 

Jamming. I will never forget this once in a lifetime experience I had with PNE. I was with my bestfriend when we watched the taping of the now defunct Homeboy, an ABS - CBN show with Boy Abunda as host. My bestfriend was approach by Boy Abunda and was asked to sing a PNE song, she sang Buloy. Unexpectedly boy turned the Mic to me and asked to do the same. Hehe. I was surprised. Then I sang The Yes Yes Show. Sarap. Naki - jam si Chito. The Best. Unfortunately I can't find a video of that encounter.

Rebecca, Is It Friday?

Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin') 
Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes after ... wards

Love Her or Hate Her. Rebecca Black, ikaw pala yan. Ayus karin eh noh. Ginulo mo ang mundo ng internet specifically sa Twitter. Ikaw na. Ikaw na ang consistent na trending topic. Ang linaw naman ng message ng song mo. Gets na gets namin. 

Thanks to Ronnie for introducing her to me. lolz.

March 20, 2011

Reach Out!




"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I will learn." 
- Benjamin Franklin.

We held our Student Learning Program yesterday at a Barangay in Sampaloc, Manila City. This is part of our final requirement for English M03. Our student learning program aims to reach out to children currently under Day Care education. Our main activities were story telling, jazz chants presentation, games and student - children interactions. It was really fulfilling.

Sunday. A Hot Day. Supposedly the program was to start at 11 a.m but we were only completed at around 12 noon. I felt guilty as the participants were already there at the venue and we're late. The program started at 1 p.m. I was worried as most of the child have not taken their lunch yet. Some parents picked up their child as it's past lunch already. Some stayed. 

Kulitan. The kids were too makulit. I don't know why. Maybe they're already hungry. We almost lost our patience hehe. But of course, the program ended up really well. Pero kung makulit ang mga bata mas makulit ang matatanda.



I would like to congratulate myself for my 3rd year anniversary as a hardworking person (hehe). It was March 18, 2008 when I started working.

Hmmm, bakit nga ba ako nag-decide na mag work?. Well, I was an incoming fourth year student of BS in Nursing then, it was too late that I realized I don't like my course, so I thought that 's the best way to escape from my course. 

Job Hunting. A week before March 18, I decided to look for a job.  I first applied at APAC Cubao, during my final interview I was asked what 's my priority between work and school. Aba, I answered “school of course” next thing I heard, Mr. Garcia, you may try to apply again after 6 months. Thank You!  That very same day I went to another interview at Confabia Inc. at Eastwood City Libis, QC.  Luckily I was hired.  To date, I already had 4 companies whom I worked with.

Though working is truly tiring I will forever be thankful that I have been working continuously for three years now. It has helped me improve my life, not only financially but more on personal development. I have learned a lot, I am still learning and will continue to learn. 

Thank You, Lord!

1st COMPANY: Confabia Inc.
From/To: March 18, 2008 – December 06, 2008
Position: Customer Service Representative

2nd COMPANY: GoTalk Philippines Inc.
From/To: December 07, 2008 – July 15, 2009
Position: Customer Service Representative

3rd COMPANY: Golden Acres Food Services Corp.
From/To: July 16, 2009 – January 15, 2010
Position:  Sales Representative later Admin Assistant for Supermarket Operations

4th COMPANY: Telus International Philippines
From/To: January 25, 2010 - present
Position: Client Business Analyst

Photo credits to those companies mentioned above.

Eat. Pray, Love.

This is my newest favorite. I love this movie. I love its' simplicity.

March 16, 2011

Same Sex

                Good Day everyone. I am much honored to have been invited to speak before you. Today, we have a very important topic to discuss. It is about the same – sex marriage or more popularly known as Gay Marriages.

                It is known to us that all over the world there are a varying views and opinions about Gay Marriages. It is undeniable that even in our country this has been a prevailing issue that needs to be addressed. In a not – so – perfect society, it is just but normal that one opposes and the other agrees. As they say, we are entitled to our own opinions. It is not even a question of who is the majority. It is about our stand. It is about our choice. It is about our decisions and most importantly how we responsibly respond to its’ challenges.

                The same sex marriages have been in the news in the past couple of years, many people do not know much about the subject. The issue is more than just about right and wrong or the name people say when they slip a ring around a person's finger. Instead, same sex marriage has a number of important ramifications. Thus, before we proceed further, it would be very important that we understand fully what the real essence of gay- marriage is.  Gay Marriage is a marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender. Gay pertains to the lesbians and gay men who are considered as part of the third-sex in the society. Marriage is the union of two people who are mutually bonded by love and trust for each other.   It is said to be legal and religious in nature. Marriage is a vow, a vow that should be lasting a lifetime.  The traditional definition of marriage is a union between two people of the opposite sex. But this definition can't be allowed to be a basis for discrimination.

So now folks, I would like to enumerate some important points and arguments in regards to gay marriage.  I would like to make my argument a little clearer. I agree in having Gay Marriages be legalized. I have no problem with it.

Many people today talk about the sanctity of marriage.   This belief is part of the reason why many people believe that gay marriage should not be legalized. Yes, I agree.  I agree that marriage is sacred. What I do not understand is, how come a gay marriage would ruin its’ sanctity? How about those fly – away marriages in Las Vegas, the “shot – gun marriages and marriages done just for the sake of it being done: can we consider them as ruining the sanctity of marriage as well. In my opinion, yes they do.  They are actually more than the gay people, who are just trying to exercise their rights. They are treating marriage as such it is a game that they can get into and get out off anytime they would like to.  Many religious people argue that the marriage is a sacred thing between a man and a woman. Well for me it is about exercising one’s right and social responsibility.

                One of the more important arguments about same sex marriage is having it legalized. It is important to take note that legalizing gay marriage is a great deal to prevent discrimination.  . I believe that gay marriage should be legalized simply because I believe that marriage is something between two consenting adults who love each other, no matter what their gender may be. Prohibiting the gay community from being married to that of their same sex is basically discriminating them and restricting them from exercising their rights

Gay Marriage: What's the Big Deal?

So, what’s the big deal? If two people love each other, shouldn’t they be allowed the same rights, privileges and responsibilities, no matter their genders? Yet, marriage is so much greater than the commitment of two people to each other. Marriage is an institution that much of our culture revolves around. It is also an institution that is in crisis. Infidelity is all around and that ruins the true sense of marriage not about having people of the same sex marrying each other.

Separation of church and state is essential to attaining freedom, freedom that would let the gay couple fulfill their dreams. As we all know church has been the main opponent of same – sex marriage. As they find it too immoral to be recognized.

                We are aware that in our country, this is a pressing issue. There had been lots of movements encouraging our lawmakers to create a law that would legalize the same-sex marriage.  Gay people are now slowly being recognized in our society. Though the progress is a little slow, it is a great advancement already compared to before. Our society has now been putting values on the great contribution these people do. Slowly but surely, we will be able to accept that it is not about morality, sanctity, legality or the validity. It is about letting people express themselves, exercising their rights and providing them the freedom to choose. We should not have a problem, should they chose to be on that path, long as we are not being maligned or seriously affected by such act, we have no right to oppose.

God created all of us equally. We should not look into one’s status, education, achievements and their sexual preferences. We should look at each other as a fellow human being that has the same right as we are.  The lesbian, gay and bisexual people are and should be regarded as valued members of society who have exactly similar rights and responsibilities as all other citizens. This includes ... the rights and responsibilities involved in a civil partnership.

I would like to end my speech by saying this. It is not about the question “is gay marriage, right or wrong,” the more appropriate question is “are we ready for this?” I hope that we are man enough to open our eyes and our hearts and free our minds

disclaimer: speech work ko to for my English M03 subject. Don't be harsh naman sa grammar ko hehe. try lang. 

March 13, 2011


Jump - Jump - Jump
Intramuros Invasion.

This trip was done for the completion of our project / requirement for Humanities (our most - boring subject. Our group decided to choose Intramuros since it has all the elements we're looking for. We need to provide sample works for : Architechture - Painting - Movie - Music - Sculpture, etcetera. etcetera.

Filipino Time. We planned to meet up around 10 am but was only completed at around 12 noon. It was a hot - hot day! From Arellano University we rode the bus routed to Quiapo then from the Manila City Hall we walked down to The Walled City , Intramuros.

Intramuros Grounds

Church Hopping. Two of the most historical churches in our country are our first two destinations; San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. I'm happy since it was my first time. We're only able to attend mass though when we're on our way home.

La Pieta at Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral

Intramuros. Amazing Place. Entrance fee was P50 (it was already discounted - student price) but I must say it was already "sulit," as there are a lot to see there.

It was one of my personal favorite trips. I really enjoyed the place and of course I enjoyed my classmates' company.

at entrance with Guardia Civil
at rizal shrine (floor with rizal manuscript of mi ultimo adios)
simple picnic (saya)
Intra - Bus
with bro Rizal
Swing Swing Swing
Work Out
Rizal Painting
Drama (lols)