March 6, 2011

My "BOTTOM" Experience

It Hurts.

I work in a call center. I am a Business Client Analyst (parang Customer Service Representative din), meron kami metrics (ang dami-daming KPIs). Two of the main components for our KPI are SMS Surveys and Repeat Calls, which I always fail to meet. I don't know why, but I never passed the CSR, SMS Surveys has two components (LCR - which is the resolution you provided the client and the CSR - your overall customer service). Ever since I started taking calls last May 2010, I would always get a score ranging from 25% to 75% but never higher. Our passing score for CSR 75% and for LCR, 90% (which I don't have a problem with), meaning to say I was able to resolve their issues/concern but they didn't like how i dealt with them. That Sucks! I don't believe in surveys. I don't. Now, regarding Repeat Call part, I do pass but I just get an average rating. Our passing mark is 27% and my score is always like that.

Our company has this program for agents who are not meeting the assigned KPIs. It is called the "Bottom Decile Management," wherein they will rank all the agents according to their scores with CSR - LCR - Repeat Calls, then 45 agents (with the lowest scores) will be selected for a re-training program. The purpose is to enhance their skills that will help them get  better scores. Unfortunately, I was once part of this. It hurts. Why Not?, there are around 500 agents in our company and to be selected as one of the bottom 45 agents is truly devastating. I was enrolled in the program last August 2010 and ended last October 2010. The deal was, we have to pass our scorecards for those metrics, which for the first time I did get a very high score especially with CSR ( I Just Got 100% survey rating). I learned a lot on the re-training program, as in a lot. I gained more friends and of course I became more confident. I became a better agent.

Now I am back in the regular production, and SMS Surveys are back (it was canceled for Dec-Jan) ,the HISTORY repeats itself. I am Failing again. My scores are consistently low. Very Disappointing. I am being monitored now. (Hindi talaga ako pang Customer Service). I have to admit, Irate Agent ako, pero hindi na masyado. I've changed. I don't want to be re-enrolled again for BDM. I don't wanna be bottom again.

I am giving myself a chance until month of May. I have to pass CSR otherwise I will resign. Nakaka-stress talaga. Ayaw ko na ng madaming metrics. Ang dami-dami mo iniisip.

So Help Me God~!