December 31, 2011

Thanks 2011

I am very thankful of what the Year 2011 has taught and given me. Though it's not really a very good year for me, i truly appreciate all the blessings that has come my way.

School. I was able to continue my studies. It is certainly good to be back to schooling.

Work. Whew, I have to be honest. It was tough. I had a rough work-year! But still I end up staying with Telus.

Financial Stability. Ok, I may not have a lot of savings but still I am thankful that the work I'm in finances my daily needs, my bills, my schooling, my family allowances and my own personal spending.

Travel. I've been very thankful that this year I'm still able to fulfill one of my favorite hobbies, to travel. I've been to some of the most wonderful trips I had in my life.

iPod. Wow! I'm addicted to it. You won't see me without my iPod on my hands. I just simply love this Apple device.

Instagram. Whoa! The best hobby I have so far.

Blogging. My instrument to share my feelings, ideas, experiences, laments, or just simply thing under the sun (even if non-sense). I will keep this blog, like, forever!

Family. I love you. Thanks for always being on my side.

My Tita Jing. You're the best. I know I never have thanked you verbally but deep in my heart I am most grateful that, You are my tita. Thanks for everything. You and your family is the best.

Friends. I think, this is the year that I have the most number of friends. Be it from the blogging world, from the Instagram world and Pinoy Mrazians. It such a wonderful feeling to be friends with a lot of great individuals.

2011 : you taught me to be a better and stronger person. i may have faced a lot of challenges this year, i would still be thankful. It has shaped me to be a better ME. I'm letting you leave with a Smile in My Heart. Again, thank you!

December 25, 2011

So There, Merry Christmas!

Good Day, Bloggers. I would like to greet all of you a Very Merry Xmas. Have a Wonderful Day Ahead.

Happy Birthday, Jesus. Thank You for all your Blessings. I truly appreciate and value them. Enjoy your day, you super deserve it.

December 5, 2011

Ms. Earth - Water 2011 is from Aurora Province

Athena Mae Imperial, Philippines' representative to this year's Ms. Earth Pageant was crowned as Ms. Earth -Water 2011, which is equivalent to 2nd Runner Up.

Athena hails from the beautiful Province of Aurora. She is the first ever Auroran who have achieved such high recognition in Beauty Contest world.

I'm proud of you Kababayan and Kamag-anak. You made Aurora proud.

Photo: from Athena Imperial FB Fan Page.
Edited by me.