June 28, 2011

Tagaytay Escapade

Kumusta Bloggers! It's been awhile. Dahil sa 12am-9am shift ko sa work, ako'y hirap na hirap i-balance ang time ko. Most of the times mas gusto ko na lang matulog pagka-galing sa work. Tagal ko hindi nagamit ang laptop ko, naging mas convenient sakin gamitin yung ITouch ko. Heniweys, since off ko tonight, I promised to atleast post an entry on my blog. I will be doing a lot of late post and reposts sa mga susunod na araw. Okay ang first late post ko ay ang Tagaytay trip ko.

May 23 2011. Our team decided to go to Tagaytay para mag chillax. Our Team Captain brought his car kaya libre na sa pamasahe. Right after our shift, we headed right away to Tagaytay. Our main plan is to experience ZIPLINE. So we first went to the Picnic Grove, had some sight seeing then tried the ZIPLINE. It was worth it naman, siguro medyo bitin lang sobrang bilis lang kasi. After we've got our souvenir pics and mags, we decided to have lunch. Pumunta muna kami sa Mushroom Burger restaurant then ng lunch na kami sa Leslies. It was a fun experience sa Leslies, meron pa music accompaniment habang kumakain tapos ang view mo pa is Taal Volcano/Taal Lake. Very relaxing. After mag-picture taking, punta naman kami sa Starbucks, tamang kape lang. Then at around 7pm we decided to go home, dumaan lang sa ROWENAS para bumili ng pasalubong. These kinds of experiences are really worth it, kahit medyo magastos atleast na relax ka and na enjoy mo yung pinaghihirapan mo. I am looking forward to more of these.

June 13, 2011

Iyaz Live in Manila

I am really excited for this concert. This has been one of my Dream Concerts along with 1. Jason Mraz 2. JLo 3. Jordin Sparks and 4. Nicki Minaj. I have already filed a LEAVE as soon as last night when I learned that he will be staging a concert here in Manila. Never mind the ticket price, lol. 

June 6, 2011

Ms. Aurora crowned as Ms. Philippines Earth 2011

Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Winner
June 5, 2011. A new queen was crowned. Athena Imperial from Casiguran, Aurora bested 48 other candidates for this years' Ms. Philippines-Earth 2011. She stood out on the question and answer portion. Athena bagged the Peoples' Choice Award too. She's a UP graduate and is working as a researcher for GMA News. 
from the Beautiful Province of Aurora

Top 10
I am truly proud of her. She's my close relative and a Kababayan. Good Luck to your pageant at Thailand for Miss Earth 2011.

fyi: the pictures are from the Ms. Philippines Earth website. I forgot to give credits to them. My apologies.