May 30, 2011

Twitter Crush

I am loving twitter more. Hehe, meron nagpapasaya sa akin dun eh. I've got a crush on one of my followers. Sarap lang ng feeling pag nakikita ko siya sa timeline ko at mas lalo na pag meron siya mention at DM para sa'kin. Sana lang alam niya, lol. Wala naman kasi ako balak sabihin eh. hehe.  - yun oh nag promote pa hehe. follow me.

Post lang ako ng newest LSS ko.  (di xa related dito sa post ah, hehe).

May 24, 2011

♥ Nicki Minaj

She's definitely hot. I love the way she raps. Lupet. Astig. Tindi. I started to like her when i heard her collaboration with Jay Sean (a favorite too) on 2012 (one of my fave songs). Whew, You're making my tongue twisted. Can you please go here for a concert (I'll start saving for that one). Rappers are hot. 

Here's my Favorite Nicki Minaj's songs:

1. Super Bass (my take on it: SUPER HOT).

2. 2012 with Jay Sean

May 19, 2011

My Super Ex Girlfriend

"what is this i'm feelin ?, i just can't explain!"

Yesterday I decided to meet up with my friend and ex-girlfriend, Juliet, upon her invitation. Why not? It's been a long while since we've seen each other. I am not excited to meet her as my ex-gf but as my friend from way back in High School. I realized that we are really better off as friends. Hmmm, so how did our love story started!?

(whoops, it's not easy for me to open up. but i will do it this time)

She was my very first girlfriend (could she be my only one though?). When we were in HS we're very good friends, I even used to defend her from her enemies. Come college, we went to the same school but was never classmates. It was brief, I just texted her if she can be my girlfriend after I read her Friendster message that she likes me. She promptly replied "YES," and there it was. I had an instant GF. We only met each other again after 3 years since we entered college. We met at school. Our relationship was okay at first. No pressure, no demands. It was smooth sailing, but as time goes by, we had our ups and downs. I decided to broke up with her. I realized that i can't bear with commitments. But it seems like, we are each others' only choice. We went in an on-off relationship which lasted for 3 years. We did not communicate after that. But I courted her again last 2009, and we became a couple "yet-again." But I have an issue with commitments. I was too self-centered. We decided to be off-again but with a set-up that we are still a couple but we there's no commitment at all. 

Last March 2011, I received a phone call from her. Informing me of what happened to her. She told me that she's a mom now. She gave birth last February. All of my questions were answered by the confirmation from her. She did not communicate with me and with all of our friends, since she was already pregnant and she wasn't ready to tell us. The father of her son remains unknown to us. She would not name names. 

When we met yesterday she narrated her stories. Her feelings. She decided to tell me the father of her son, she said it was a friend of her brother-in-law, but none of her family knows it not even the father of her son. She told me that she's been wanting to put in my name as the father of her son, instead of putting UNKNOWN. I did not give any comments. I don't know what to say or feel. But no matter what happen, I will forever be her friend. I wish her luck and happiness and success in LIFE.


"Many people say good friends are hard to find, but I know I'm not that kind."
"When you need a friend and that you can depend, you can count me because you're my best friend. "
Ang sarap ng feeling na meron ka best friend. Friends are one of the best blessings from God. I am really thankful na I have been friends to a lot of people. I really treasure the friendship I share with them. Ako ang dami kong mga bestfriends. Meron from work, from high school, college, online, kababata, family atbp.  Thanks sa inyong lahat at sana madagdagan pa kayo hehe.

College Bestfriends

Work Bestfriends


Childhood Bestfriend

One of my fave bessies hehe.

my newest bff //college classmate

my college bessies / ponggay and chie

My Ultimate Bestfriend and my favorite cousin

May 18, 2011

Morning ☼ Pancake House

It's our team rest days every Tuesday and Wednesday. Call center life is really exhausting, kaya naman yesterday our team have decided to have a team breakfast and movie date. We decided to go to Bonifacio High Street since sobrang lapit lang nya sa office, by the way we work in Telus Market Market branch. So after our 9pm-630am shift nag-walk-athon na kami pa High Street. 

I ordered Spanish Omelet with matching Apple Shake, it was perfect. I loved it! It was just perfect for breakfast and the Apple shake it was OOOO.. Our team captain bought a box of Krispey Kreme. When it comes to Krispey Kreme doughnuts I only like the Original Glaze flavor. Sakto lang. We leave High Street at around 10am then we head back to Market Market for our Movie date. While waiting for the movie showing, we went on our regular WIFI sessions. Oooh, just to tell you guys, sobrang lakas ng WIFI sa Market Market. The movie started at 11:20 am, we watched 2 films, Fast and the Furious and In The Name of Love. 

Right after the movie, we had our lunch at Pizza Hut. Sulit na sulit ang P99 meal nila. 

I super enjoyed our restday, next week we are off to Tagaytay after our Monday shift again to try out Zipline Adventure at Tagaytay.

May 12, 2011

Government ID

Gaano nga ba kahalaga na meron kang Government ID?! Well, for me sobrang important na meron kang Government Issued IDs. Kasi most of the transactions requires a valid ID, and in most cases Government ID ang hinahanap nila. 

I currently have 4 Gov't ids. Meron akong TIN, Passport, SSS at Voters' ID.  Feeling ko Driver's License lang ang di ko makukuha kasi hindi naman ako marunong mag drive at wala naman ako balak matuto. PRC License medyo malabo narin, kasi non-board ang course ko ngayon (shifted from BS Nursing to BS Commerce) and lastly ang Postal ID ngayon ay hindi na inaacept as valid Gov't ID. 

Totoo na masarap ang pakiramdam na meron ka nang sufficient valid IDs pero sa totoo lang hindi ganun kadali makakuha ng ID. Sobrang haba ng mga processes nila esp. sa Passport at SSS. Pero worth it naman ang ipipila mo ng mahaba pag-nakuha na ang ID. Prolly, this is one of the reasons why many don't posses these IDs, nakakatamad yung haba ng process. 

1. Passport (na hindi ko naman nagamit for Travel Abroad, since na deny ang VISA ko). 

2. SSS ID (na 7 months bago na deliver)

3. Voters' ID 

Pasensya na sa Picture. lol
4. TIN 

Ikaw Ba?! Anong ID mo?

Music 101:

I rarely visit YouTube and lately I have not updated myself with the new music releases.
Tonight, i tried to search some. So here are my new fave videos (dunno if they're still new)

1. Lazy Song - Bruno Mars.

2. Price Tag - Jessie J.

3. Don't Let Me Go - Click Five

May 7, 2011

My Amnesia Girl

I watched this movie yesterday. Haha, super late. I never thought that I will enjoy this film so much. Kasi, when it comes movies mas gusto ko yung light lang. Yung tipong mapapatawa, kikilingin, maiiyak at matutuwa ako. I must say na this is one of my favorites na. 

I find the film very entertaining. The story was really nice. Creative. Pinaka gusto ko parts yung confrontation ni Irene at Paul after nila magpunta sa isang wedding souvenir pictorial and of course yung surprise birthday celebration para kay Irene. That was really creative, I just don't know if that's an original concept. Walang boring na scene sa movie. Thumbs Up.

Here's the trailer for those who may have not seen the movie yet.