August 29, 2010

Coron: A Humble Town in Palawan

Coron welcomed my 23rd Birthday last August 26, 2010.


It’s hard to say a word about Coronians. When we went there, people are not so accommodating. That is at least the experience we had. The main town people aren’t that approachable. I can still remember when we first dine in for our late lunch, at a small restaurant near the supermarket. The lady was too masungit, that we wanted to go out already.
Couple of other incidents happened wherein, when we talk to some folks, they just ignore us. I don’t know if it’s the language or what.
Of course I cannot discount the fact that there are a lot of nice ones as well. But negative impressions, most of the times prevail over the good ones.

Kayangan Lake
A very peaceful place to be in. Krystal lodge boasts its’ profile of being a simple lodge yet provides the best relaxation you could ever ask for. True enough, it lives up to its’ promises.
Take note. The lodge is not a very ideal place for those who’s been looking for Hotel Type – services. Its just very basic. No television. No radio. But they have Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • They don’t serve foods. You would have to go out to have your lunch and dinner. Good thing the package we’ve got from DIY Coron has breakfast meal inclusion.
  • You have to be very careful walking thru the bridges that leads to the main cottages.
Coron as I have describe is a humble town. It’s just a small town and not too populated. Coron boasts a very good profile. It can really be developed and become one of the main key  tourist destinations. It being surrounded by waters, which obviously is its’ main attractions.
Sea foods overload. I must say, this is one of the main reason why I loved Coron. I have always been a fan of sea foods. We’ve been served the best meal when we had our tour.
The resto- food- menus, aren’t the cheap though. One serving which is not that much costs a lot.

Busuanga Airport

You should know when to go here. When we went here we are actually anticipating that there’d  be lots of rain. We had our vacation last August. We had a good weather at the start of our tour, but after giving us the wonderful view of Kayangan lake. It rained all through out the tour. Not a very good thing but nevertheless we have enjoyed the trip.
I am always after the cheapest fare. And it always lead me to Zest Air. It’s been the 3rd time that I have boarded that airline. No complaints at all. I think they provide a good service, though standard. For me, it’s safe to ride Zest Air despite the many talks about it.
FYI: * for the third time as well. They are always on time.
It’s everywhere. You just have to pick the store that can give you good discounts. As I mentioned above. They’re not too accommodating, usually they don’t give discounts. But it pays to try. Shoal, keychain, t-shirts are just some. But do not forget to bring home Daings and Cashew Nuts.   They’re the best.

Banol Beach

It’s very accessible. Trykes are everywhere. Fare of $7 can bring you to different access points in the town.
From the airport, vans are there to pick you up and bring you to your destined hotels/lodges.

Twin Lagoon

Kalachuchi Island
Sietes Pecados

Baracuda Lake

This has been one of the most enjoyable trips I’ve had. Aside from the fact that it coincided with my birthday. It was the first time that I rode a banca.
We went snorkelling, which gave us the amazing view of the ocean and lakes. It was truly astounding. Seeing little sea creatures play with you while you feed them is something worth remembering.
We met at the Boat Terminal (with our co –Tourist)
Siete Pecados was our first destination.
  • There had been strong current that prohibits us from enjoying this site much, we were told that we can actually view handful of big fishes from here. The water is so clear. It called siete pecados because it is surrounded by 7 little mountains.
Kalachuchi Islands
  • Our banceros said that , it’s just Owen’s give away. Nothing much to see here. One interesting twist though, one of our co tourist has almost been played by a jelly fish. Which they say is very dangerous. It was just a few inch away from her.
Baracudda Lake
  • Diving site unlimited. Water is too clear that you can mirror your self already.
One of the most enjoyable part of the trip. It’s amazing to be at this place. Serenity is felt.
Kayangan Lake
  • This has the best view to boast it’s profile. I am speechless seeing the picturesque view of the place.  We went to swimming and swimming and swimming and more swimming sessions. There’s a lot of foreigners around. Mix of different races. I was amassed with information or more so perceptions, observing them.
This is where we had our lunch. Sumptuous is how I should describe it.
Twin Lagoon
  • We have not roamed here really as the weather doesn’t cooperated much. We had a little view. But to fill in adventure, our banceros told the stories and the descriptions of the lagoon.
Banol Beach
  • At first we thought it’s really like the typical beach. But it wasn’t. a miniature maybe.  But it was worth it. We have enjoyed staying here. We fed lots of fish.  The sand is white, not comparable with Boracays’ or Bohols’, but it can level up.
Skeleton Wreck
  • Wonderful. Amazing. Unbelievable. I don’t know how else should I describe the feeling I experienced when we finally reached this highly anticipated spot.
It’s historic. A big ship drowned here last WWII. There are lots of cute fishes. And the coral reefs are just but beautiful. We could not ask for more.
CYC  Islands
  • The only free – open beach in Coron. It’s been said that it was developed by the Youth org in the town. There’s nothing  much to see here, thus we decided to  head home after whole day of non stop island hopping.
I must say that it’s been one of the best, if not the best, birth days I’ve had in my 23 years existence.
I recommend Coron. I may not choose to go back here, but the fact remains, I have enjoyed and maximize my enjoyment during my stay at Coron.