November 10, 2011

Jason Mraz live in Manila : Acoustic Concert of the Year

Jason Mraz staged the Acoustic Concert of the Year last October 30, 2011 at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum with his talented friend Toca Rivera. 

photo credits: Kris Rocha and Dayly Entertainment
Truly, a Dream Come True. It was a night to remember, the best night I ever had for 2011 (even though 2011 hasn't ended yet). I cried. Yes, I did. Jason Mraz has been my Idol, my Inspiration and my Hero.  I am proud to say that I am a FAN. I will forever be a fan of this great person. 

fan photo from Jason Mraz Philippines Facebook Fan Page

It was way back in High School when i first heard Mr. A-Z's song The Remedy through Starstruck (a reality show of GMA 7). I was automatically hooked with the song. Since then, I have made myself a devoted fan of Jason. His music is my instrument for relaxation.

photo credits: Kris Rocha and Dayly Entertainment
It was September 10 that I've read a confirmed announcement of his comeback concert here in Manila. I was like in cloud nine when I learned that news, I saved up for the ticket. I promised my self to get a good seat at the concert (at least good enough to see him "like" up close). I exhausted all the possible way to meet him personally but i failed. BIG TIME. What happened was, Ginger Conejero told me (thru twitter) that Jason is arriving on October 27th at around 10pm, I was all geared up to welcome him at the airport until Jason Mraz tweeted " Mabuhay Manila. It's good to be back again here in the Philippines" I was really confused then. I really thought he's arrived already, I found out later on that night that Ginger was right. He only arrived at 10pm. 

Acoustic Concert of the Year: It is. Jason can definitely claim that. It was a night of pure talent and music. It showcased how good singer Jason Mraz is and not to mention how great of a person he was. Jason Mraz was indeed loved by his Filipino fans. Approximately around 11,000 Mrazians attended the "intimate acoustic concert." The Coliseum was jam-packed, from General Admission section down to the Patron Seats.

Jason Mraz - Philippines Facebook Fan Page. This is the page I created at the social networking site Facebook, which aims to provide updates and information about Jason Mraz. I am grateful that the page has been home to Mrazians' appreciation  of their love for Jason Mraz. I have added two other administrators for the page to help me facilitate the updates. Jason Mraz's recently concluded concert (which we had a countdown for) has provided about 200 thousand page views for one month. Thank You so much. It's been a pleasure to serve you Mrazians. We promise to continue on giving you the most exclusive info about Mr. Tongue Twister.

Mrazians: This concert has given me truly amazing experiences. Apart from the fact that I have enjoyed the concert, I was able to meet several Mrazians whom I developed friendship with. I hope to see you again soon. 

 2012. Jason Mraz will be back, I know that for sure. He's promised that he will be back. Mrazians will definitely wait for you, Mr. Tongue Twister.