March 13, 2011


Jump - Jump - Jump
Intramuros Invasion.

This trip was done for the completion of our project / requirement for Humanities (our most - boring subject. Our group decided to choose Intramuros since it has all the elements we're looking for. We need to provide sample works for : Architechture - Painting - Movie - Music - Sculpture, etcetera. etcetera.

Filipino Time. We planned to meet up around 10 am but was only completed at around 12 noon. It was a hot - hot day! From Arellano University we rode the bus routed to Quiapo then from the Manila City Hall we walked down to The Walled City , Intramuros.

Intramuros Grounds

Church Hopping. Two of the most historical churches in our country are our first two destinations; San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. I'm happy since it was my first time. We're only able to attend mass though when we're on our way home.

La Pieta at Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral

Intramuros. Amazing Place. Entrance fee was P50 (it was already discounted - student price) but I must say it was already "sulit," as there are a lot to see there.

It was one of my personal favorite trips. I really enjoyed the place and of course I enjoyed my classmates' company.

at entrance with Guardia Civil
at rizal shrine (floor with rizal manuscript of mi ultimo adios)
simple picnic (saya)
Intra - Bus
with bro Rizal
Swing Swing Swing
Work Out
Rizal Painting
Drama (lols)