February 13, 2011

Twitter Love

I know this entry is kind of a - late-reaction. It's just that I can't help but post it. It's the love month anyways. So nothing is late when it comes to love.

Just recently, the twitter world was bombarded with the fast-trending topic. A man proposing to a woman for a valentines date. Not bad. At least he has the guts to do it. Love is really everywhere. 

The personalities involved here are :

- Young Superstar Angel Locsin and Azkal's  Phil Younghusband

Here's the timeline:

Phil (@PhilYHusband) tweeted;

@143redangel Hi Angel! This Phil. How are you? I was just wondering if you are free for Valentines day?

Twitterworld, kalma! :)

@PhilYHusband hi! this is angel☺ Congrats on your win last night! Tnx for the invite but I have work on valentines.. Let's try another day☺

Azkals malupet na sa game, malupit pa sa chicks.


Tim Yap (@iamtimyap) tweeted this:

Just learned that Phil Younghusband will be going out on a date with Angel Locsin tomorrow. They're gonna go target shooting. Hanep!