February 22, 2011

I Super ♥ Angel Locsin

Ms. Angel Locsin
       I wouldn't be tired in posting an entry about my Ultimate Crush (haha, ultimate!) Angel Locsin. I don't know why but I just simply like her. I am not the obsessed type of fan though. I am a silent follower. Even when she was still in GMA Network I already admire her ,much more when she decided to transfer to ABS-CBN, which I must say was a very wise decision. She may not have much projects as she had with GMA but her projects now are definitely high in Quality. She has developed as an actress. She's truly leveled up. No matter what happens with her career I will forever be a fan.


I follow Angel at twitter. Sometimes, I mention her on my tweets. Luckily she have replied to some of them. She sent me direct messages in return (this was way back Mar 2010, just now that I decided to post it)

I wish I will get to meet her someday. Does anyone of you knows how? hehe.