February 14, 2011

Happy ♥ Hearts' Day

♥ ♥ ♥
A friend asked me:  How's your love life?
and I answered without batting an eyelash; Happy - but still self - supporting. lol.

I just realized it's been like almost 2 years now since I've been into a relationship.  2 years that I chose to be single. Well, I must say it was a good choice though. I am the type who hates commitment. I want a relationship that's not demanding. Maybe I am too self-centered. I know it's unfair for my other half in the relationship. I actually regret that I almost ignored her, She's given me true love but I did not compensate it. And now I end up being alone, being SINGLE and VIRGIN. Yup. It was my choice so I have to bear the consequences. 
Lesson Learned: Love and be Loved. 
So guys, enjoy your V-day. Spend it meaningfully.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

image: from Wikipedia.