February 21, 2011

Subject Code: Marketing 1

Good Day Folks. 

I decided to post this entry to help out my fellow students who may have been takin' up Marketing subjects right now. I have this homework about differentiating terminologies in Product Planning and providing examples for each. I have researched these information through the internet and textbooks. So I hope this would help. 

Product Line - a group of products with similar characteristics or uses manufactured by a single company. For example, Gerber's baby food is a line, just as Lady's Choice fruit preserves is another line.

Product Mix - is the total number or the full assortment of products offeredd for sale by a company. The structure of the product mix has dimensions for both width and depth. 

Product Width - refers to the number of product lines a manufacturer may produce or a middleman may carry. For example, a sari-sari store may carry food items, toys softdrinks, and others. 

Product Depth - the numbers of items within a product line as measured by the assortment of sizes, colors, models, prices offered. For example, a manufacturer of T-shirts carries different colors, sizes and styles.