January 29, 2011


American Idol is undeniably the best Singing Search on earth to date.
It produced numerous good singers that dominated the charts. All through out the season, the show features lots of interesting contestants. And I Am a Big Fan. Hence, here's the list of my Top Ten Favorite Idol Finalist.
1. KELLY CLARKSON - She's the original Idol. The singing idol from Season 1 certainly is and will be the most successful Idol ever. Judges were never wrong on their praises to this lady. She's got issues with her size but nonetheless she look radiantly beautiful. Thus, making her on the top of my lists. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: My Life Would Suck Without You, Since You've Been Gone, Breakaway, Already Gone, A Moment Like This. 2. JORDIN SPARKS - Young and Beautiful. This singing idol from Season 6 has one of the most powerful voices in Idol run. Despite her age she still managed to portray very powerful performances that eventually landed her the title. I remember watching her in every episode of Season 6 and whew, i was just but mesmerized as always. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Tattoo, No Air, One Step at a Time, This is My Now, Battlefield. 3. DAVID ARCHULETA - Charming and Youthful. Hailed from Season 7 of idol, one of the earliest front runner but managed only to be on the 2nd spot. He is the most loved among any other Idols. He have tasted both of Simon's good and bad criticisms. I really like the way he brings his self to the public, seems very approachable and appreciative. He's been to Manila for a back-to-back concert with David Cook, and of course, I was there. And to mention, he's been dominating the charts here and there. Kudos Archu. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Crush, A Little Too Not Over You, Touch My Hand, Your Eyes Don't Lie, Zero Gravity. 4. KRIS ALLEN - Looks and Voice. He's got both. For me this idol from Season 8 has the most unique and very distinguishable voice among any others. He performs each song from his heart, good or bad comments are accepted by him. Probably not the best singer on his batch, but thanks to his good looks, America voted and placed him to where he is now. I have high hopes for this man. May he be successful. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Heartless, No Boundaries, Everything. 5. CARRIE UNDERWOOD - Country and Classic. The most awarded singing idol, pride of Season 4. She been very successful on her genre. I wasn't able to watch much of the Season 4 but seeing this idol making big waves on the music industry makes me proud not only of her but of the show as well. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Jesus Takes the Wheel, Home Sweet Home, Before He Cheats. 6. ANOOP DESAI - This alumni of season 8, got the voice, voice that Simon himself praises. Yet, another Indian to make it to the Elite Finalists of Idol. Anoop was able to create an Idol history, breaking the idol usual 12 - finalists per season, Anoop was included and became the 13th finalist of his season. I was once watching the audition rounds as my little cousin said i have a big resemblance of him. CONTRIBUTING FACTOR: My Prerogative, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Everything I Do, Always on my Mind. 7. BLAKE LEWIS - Beat Box and Hip. Runner Up of Season 6, made his way to the top by showing his unique way of interpreting songs. His beat box style to the song you Give Love a Bad Name was indeed remarkable. I really like him during the Season 6 run from the start until the end along with Jordin. I hope he can make it to the music industry and make it big. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: You Give Love A Bad Name, Geek in the Pink, How Many Words. 8. RAMIELLE MALUBAY - Cute and Bubbly. Proud Filipina. One of the early faves but had deteriorated performances as the contest goes by. Simon praised her for her powerful voice. I really am very proud of her as she is proud of where she came from. I know it'll be hard for her to penetrate the main stream but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Alone, In My Life, You Don't Have to Say You Love Me, Against All Odds. 9. DAUGHTRY - Rock and Successful. He was not even included in the Top 3 Finalists, but he can be considered as one of the top 3 most successful idols along with Underwood and Clarkson. He's got Grammys and his made big waves on the music industry. I like his style and i hope his music lives on and on. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Home, It's Not Over , What About Now. 10. DAVID COOK - Consistent and Vibrant. Cook's victory over Archuleta is a major dismay for me, but this big winner of Season 7 proved that he is more than deserving of the title and he lives on the very sense of it. He's been consistently great with all of his performances. Rocked Manila with Archuleta last May 2009, one of the biggest events in Philippine Concert scene. CONTRIBUTING FACTORS: Come Back To Me, Always be My Baby, Time of My Life. Awaiting for Season 9. Less Paula Abdul, I hope the show is again to produce batch of great singing idols. Mark Bryan V Garcia