January 3, 2011

Iyaz and Jay Sean : -- My Idols

Iyaz and Jay Sean can be considered as two of the best breakthrough artists of 2010. They have the hits, may i say, the BIGGEST hits from the previous year. Everybody fell in love with their catchy songs.

Here are some of my favorite songs from the 2 artists:

 IYAZ - Keidran Jones, (born 1987) better known as his stage name, Iyaz, from the British Virgin Islands, is a singer signed with the record label Beluga Heights Records. His debut number one hit single "Replay" was released in 2009 reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100 number one in the UK, Australia and top ten in many other countries. All of Iyaz's singles have reached the top 40 on the UK Official Singles Chart.

1. So Big

2. Solo

JAY SEAN - is a British singer-songwriter, rapper, beatboxer and record producer.[3] He debuted in the Asian underground scene as a member of the Rishi Rich Project with "Dance with You", which reached #12 on the UK Singles Chart in 2003. This led to him being signed to Virgin Records and having two UK top 10 hits as a solo artist in 2004: "Eyes On You" at #6 and "Stolen" at #4. They were included in his critically-acclaimed debut album Me Against Myself which,[4] though only moderately successful in the UK, sold more than two million copies across Asia and remains his most successful album to date.[5][6][7] Alongside the Rishi Rich Project, Sean was a pioneer of Bhangra-R&B fusion, which his debut album helped popularize among the worldwide South Asian diaspora.

1. 2012


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