January 25, 2011

One with Telus!

Today marks my 1st year anniversary with Telus International Philippines as an employee. 

It was January 19, 2010 when I decided to apply at Accenture (but i didn't make it), I then dropped by Telus Cubao to try my luck. I arrived there at 11 a.m. The room was filled with applicants. I almost backed out. I got called for the initial group/panel interview at around 1 p.m. We were 8 in the group and I was one of the few who passed. It was followed by series of examinations and interviews. I wasn't expecting that I will make it through each steps. It was kind of tough for me as I don't know anyone in the room. So I have  kept my nervousness to myself. It was that time I have learned to talk to Him. Prayers were really powerful. I just prayed for each steps i go through.and there I,  just found myself smiling as I am being congratulated by the interviewer. I was then endorsed for the very final interview, I messed up with my interview. I really did. Since it was just for formality, I still got hired. 

It was January 25 when I signed my contract and got the offer. It was on that day as well that we started the training. I passed the training and then got endorsed for the regular production. The turn out of events was quick. i got regularized as an employee last July 25 2010. 

I must say, my stay with Telus isn't easy at all. I struggled. I was challenged. I failed. I have been through a lot. I didn't even think I would still be able to redeem myself. But despite all these, I am still very thankful for this wonderful opportunity. I just wish I can still stay longer than I could. 

I feel so blessed. I have been able to do stuff that I wasn't able to do before. With Telus, I was able to:

- i was able to continue my vacation escapades
- i was able to befriend more people
- i became a less irate agent.
- i learned how to value my work
- i was able to experience graveyard shift
- i became financially stable (at least - compared to before)
- i was able to pay my bills
- i was able to buy a laptop.

but 3 things i liked and most thankful for:

- I grew up as a person. 
- I regain my faith with God
- I was able to go back to schooling

This is already my 4th company all in all. I've been employed with 

Confabia Inc (Mar 2008 - Dec 2008)
Gotalk Phil Inc ( Dec 2008 - July 2009)
Golden Acres Food Service Corp (July 2009 - January 2010)
and Telus International Philippines (January 2010 - present).

I hope I would stay longer and stronger and better.