October 27, 2009


--- ang pa- tweetums na VAMPIRE..

this is probably the simplest movie i've ever watched, i love love this movie. I haven't read the book yet or have any idea bout this "so pop novel" i even hesitated to watch the movie coz im afraid i might not be able to appreciate it, but due to encouragement of those who were able to read the novel, i did. I was with my ex- girlfriend when we attended the special screening of TWIGHLT, sponsored by NOKIA Philippines at Greenbelt Cinema 1.

I was expecting major scenes from the movie, having heard that it is comparable to Harry Potter, but instead it showcase a very light story, simple yet WELL EXECUTED scenes. The pacing is a little slow, but it was well edited. There are no great Special Effects, i supposed it doesn't really need one.

There are a lot of scenes that would make you "kilig," one of which is when they went on top of the mountain and laid on the grass, they are looking each other passionately. Another is when, Edward and Bella went to school, Edward wearing sunglasses, everyone stared and was amassed of what they saw.

Overall, This is the PERFECT DATE MOVIE, and believe me you must watch it, with your special someone. It's like you will just watch it together holding hands and treasuring every "kilig scenes."

Two Thumbs Up//