October 27, 2009

the BROUHAHA of meeting d RNB Superstar Ne-yo

panu ba to nagsimula... well im a contest addict, wherin if there's a promo ill be more than sure that ive already joined that, one of the best things i enjoyed most when i have free time is surfing through my cp.. then when i saw that smart has this Neyo promo of course i clicked right away, downloaded a song with no extra cost(i know some tricks that's why) but never had i expected of anything. so after im done with school that day, i went home directly, ride a trycycle, then a jeepney,, to my surprise i received a phone call in which the number that appears on my phone was 7777 i was stunned by that, i answered the phone.. then learned that i had just won a vip concert ticket to watch neyo himself and not only that to meet and greet him personally, i'm lost with words... then there came the claiming of the ticket which i must say is a very tasking thing to do, why not just hand it over to me the concert night itself,, well anyways no time to argue... i had to claim so did i.... and the most awaited time, the time to hear him live and to shake hands and greet him in person. we arrived a little early, ooops i forgot to mention i was accompanied by my cousin..che.. then we were instructed to enter the south gate of the colliseum bcoz the vips' will be entering that way but to my excitement we accidenatlly entered the wrong gate, then there comes the conflict, as i contacted the person incharged of the meet ups. he told me were not anymore meeting neyo.. ofcourse i have to make kulit to him,, and eventually have me and my companion go to the meet up area,, but of course there's a trick since we entered the wrong gate we have to make it up to other way possible... so the coordinator himself coordinated with the security of araneta to let us use the vip way, in which neyo himself had his way with... whhappak ... vip na vip talaga... yess... we were now given designated passes, we were roomed in an area that was composed of merely 30-40 privileged people,, we waited for about 2 hours just to meet him,, ofcourse security measures were very accurate that time no cams no cp and everything and the thing is we can only shake hands with him once,,, for 5 second only... then there goes neyo, when it came our turn i shook hand with him right away and tell him that he is so popular at school(as requested by my super classmates) and he says thanks and keep on supporting him. then thats it we were escorted to our designated seats aswell and watch his 40-minuter concert.. a lot of brouhaha but the bottomline is,, it's worth the wait, and it pays to be patient and to be addict... hahaha