October 27, 2009

8 Dream Destinations.....

Here's the list of the places i wanted to visit in 10 years span....

I am not the travel-type of person, to be honest i never ride a plane yet. I am always within the vicinity of Metro Manila or of my province of Aurora. I listed 8 because if i do more than that that might be impossible to be achieved already.

Bon Voyage!


* i don't know i just simply love to visit this place, boasting its good resume.... it seems like the place is very serene, very peaceful. Something like you can recollect. I have always been interested in meeting the most-hospitable Ivatans and have experience living in their Ivatan House. A friend of mine went there, and i am jealous to death, he described Batanes as "Parang New Zealand, kulang nalang maraming Baka," he had pics of them on the top of the mountains and must i say Batanes is Very Captivating.


* i would simply like to visit and roam around the Great Wall of China.. and one more thing i want to learn using chop sticks...and i wanted to aswell check if they've got some fake stuff being sold on the market...


* i am easily affected by cold weather, but i prefer being on cold places.. One of the things that interests me most about Norway, is that, the Aurora Borealis is visible in this place, so i wanna check it out.


* i would like to see how animals are so free to roam around in this city. I don't know there is something about this place which is very inviting, and that's what i have to find out.


* philippines and mexico have a lot in common, but the main reason why i want to visit the place is because of TACOS, i would like to taste the orignal tacos, it must be delicious. and of course, mexico is as well the home of some of the most beautiful people in the world.


* one of my best friends back at school is from Cameroon. He is very nice and speaks French fluently, so one of these years i want to visit this place, and exprience more of it. and according to some descriptions Cameroon is "Africa in miniature" because it exhibits all major climates and vegetation of the continent: coast, desert, mountains, rainforest, and savanna," and that is something for me.


* i am presently working for an Australian Telecommunication company based here in the Philippines, but prior to that i have always dreamt of living in Australia, because based on my peception, this place is very accomodating. Simple yet exudes natural beauty, and the cost of living is very affordable..HOPE MY TOURIST VISA will SOON BE APPROVED. keeping my fingers crossed.


* this place for me is a surprise, i never imagined i would be this interested to this place, btw i was watching Pinoy Meets World at GMA 7, when it caught my fancy. This place is diverse, unique, sincere, antique,, i don't know how to desribe how i perceived it. But one thing's for sure i would EAT alot of SWISS chocolates when i reach this wonderful destination. Watches, milk, beer, people smiling, it's neighboring Euro countries, are just some of the reasons why this is my top destination on my mind...

Hope this dream would transpire to reality.....