April 4, 2011

Papparazi for Manny P!

I am not a hardcore Manny Pacquiao fan. In fact, there is this one time where I have hated him as I find him very Mayabang. But of course, I have always been proud of his achievements and the honor he brings to our country. 

I had the chance to see him in person. It was in Baguio city, this is in line with his preparation for a big match with Miguel Cotto last 2009. We were on a company tour when we decided to buy some pasalubong at Good Shepherd Convent. Surprisingly, Manny P and his entourage were there, we even saw Matt Ranillo with him. (Remmy: He has a rumored affair with Matt's daughter, Krista).
Anyways, I have become a fan since then. I think he's humble. I can literally say I was a Papparazi for him that time. "Nakipagtulakan talaga ako, makakuha lang ng picture, hehe." 

I am Happy for all what he's achieved and accomplished. I wish you the best. And of course, I wish you good luck in your upcoming bout with Shane Mosley.