April 3, 2011

Leadership Award

The Certificate

Whoa. The Big Medal, hehe!
President Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo Student Leadership Award. 

   This is my favourite award among all the awards/recognitions I received when I was in High School.

   I was formerly the President of the Student Body Organization of our school, Mount Carmel High School in San Luis, Aurora. It was a tough job, but I must say it's very fulfilling and rewarding. I just doesn't loved the attention and respect the students give me, I liked the fact that I was able to be of service with my fellow students. I can say that I did well during my term, hehe. Well, the students and the teachers (at least at the end of my term) said so. I and the rest of the officers have created a lot of programs and projects that benefited the school, the students and the community. Our school, being a catholic one, doesn't involve itself in social life- like activities. In fact we don't have JS Prom which most of the schools has, we never participated in any of the events in our community. Most of our activities are school and church related. So, during my Presidency, I have let the student experience those. I created the Student's Day  event where we held a one day of celebration for all the students, which includes a night party ala JS. The students enjoyed it while the teacher opposes. We have joined the Booth contest during our Town Fiesta, which made our Mayor really happy. And there are a lot more.

    This award was given to me by surprise. They did not include it on the program. And there had been rumors that it will be given to the Valedictorian, which has most of the awards. I only got the First Honorable Mention and Student Catechist of the Year awards. When I was called at the stage to receive my awards I was so nervous and expecting. It made me turn when Governor Ong (the presenter and a friend) announced that I am receiving the award. I was so happy for I know I deserve it.

   I think I am a public servant at heart. I promise that I will try to enter politics once I graduated from college and once I have established myself already.