March 25, 2010


Here: Watch and Learn
I appreciate the effort GMA NEWS and PUBLIC AFFAIRS have put into, to help us, the voters, in knowing the what to do's this forthcoming elections. I personally am thankful that these kinds of materials are now being circulated as I am not fully aware just yet of what to do. I have the basic knowledge I must say, but wouldn't it be great, should we learn the necessary things to do, thus not messing up the very important vote we'll have. Remember, it only happens once. So be the best you can be. Vote Wisely. Vote correctly.
Here's one of the few videos, mainly designed for the Voters' Education. It was made by GMA 7. With Sexbomb Dancers as its' main instruments of disseminating the information.
I had fun time watching it. Some may find it obscure, irrating or OA-is, but for me, it is TIMELY, ACCURATE, EASY TO FOLLOW and yet the most ENTERTAINING form of Information Dissemination.