March 7, 2010

Miss You Like Crazy

Am I a big fan of John Lloyd - Bea love team? The answer is Yes. I have always looked forward into seeing these two work together on TV, Movie etc. I believe that among other actors and actresses of their generation, they shine the brightest. One of the best piece of work the love team has worked for is "One More Chance." I can still remember myself crying and laughing with different scenes. It was really something that you would like to watch over and over again. Miss You Like Crazy. probably one of my favorite songs, that eventually was adopted to a movie. I was too excited to have known that my favorite love team is in the works for the movie. I would like to say that this movie made me reunite with my Best Friend, whom i had a feud for about like 7 months, we have not seen each other for that long. It was really tough since we were very close, a closeness that is very extraordinary. I received a text from her, inviting me to watch the movie. I immediately said yes. And we met up at Gateway Mall. We were ver casual first, but as time passes by, we didn't notice that we were actually acting like we are so close that nothing has previously happened. And we're set to watch. Here's my words : It is safe to say, that many may agree, with my disappointment and lamentations. I did not like the movie. I was a bit disappointed with how the movie went. The story was very simple. It revolved around rivers. There's less kilig. I do not like how the scenes were connected. I would not say much. For i might just hurt some. What i am trying to imply is that, this movie didn't level up with the previous movies they made, or that of, those movies at Cathy Molina's helm. I may be this disappointed, but nevertheless, I am still a Fan. And will remain as one. Miss You Like Crazy = 4.5/10 stars.