December 12, 2010

Tara na sa Batanes..!

Road Trip to Amazing Batanes

Mangay aco du... Batanes. Masuyot!

    Batanes, the Best! I have always been fascinated with this place. Batanes is my ultimate dream destination here in the Philippines. I had been to different vacation spots but my heart has long been wishing to reach this serene place. I think my fascination with Batanes started when GMA Films created a movie named after the place.  It seems to me, Batanes is a haven. The place boasts a good profile in terms of its natural features; I am amazed as how GOD created such wonderful scenery. Nothing compares. No amount of words or adjectives can actually describe how beautiful this place is. It’s like whenever I see an image of Batanes, my heart wants to cry.  Batanes is a perfect example of being RICH and SIMPLE. Its simplicity is one of its main characteristics. Rich in culture, traditions and natural beauty is how Batanes can be defined.  More than the vacation I had been wanting, I think it is the desire of my heart. It seems I have an emotional connection with the place, which I am yet to find out.

Luckily, SEAIR has been very considerate to all of us. They have just created a contest that gives fair chances to everyone. I may not be a very good writer, but I think my best weapon is the true desire of my heart. I truly believe that I deserve to be given the chance to win one of the seats to Batanes. I would like to reward myself from a very stressed-full life. I am a working student. I work at night and go straight to school after. I go to work at 12 midnight and finishes by 9 a.m. I would then have to go to school at 1 p.m til 8:30 pm. That’s how my life revolves. It is very tiring yet rewarding. I am happy with what I am doing though there are times that I just find myself crying out of tiredness. So, if you permit to let me win, this would be a perfect time for me to have some kind of relaxation my mind and body has been looking for.

photo credit to SEAIR website

Batanes 101: (from the website

SEAIR ang Bahala Sa'Yo

     Batanes island, Philippines is unlike any other place in the country. Visitors to Batanes are greeted by the visual image of a wild smattering of islands in the north where cliffs meet the sea on pebbled shorelines; and goats and cows are sent out to pasture among green hills. 

    Batanes, Philippines has been described as looking more like the Scottish Highlands than the Philippines. There are no swanky hotels, no chic restaurants and sometimes, there isn’t even electricity. But these are not shortcomings. Instead, these factors only add to the rustic charm of Batanes island, Philippines.

   Aside from the beauty of the natural surroundings, those lucky enough to experience the wonders of Batanes, Philippines end up raving about the freshness of the cuisine. Nothing fancy, for sure, and yet incredibly good. Evening entertainment consists of identifying the constellations in the heavens over a cold bottle or two of beer.


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Award Winning:


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