December 4, 2010

Akihiro Sato wins Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

Akihiro Sato is the first "Celebrity Sole Survivor"

Brazilian-Japanese model and actor Akihiro Sato won the reality show Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown, reports The first "Celebrity Sole Survivor," Sato took home the P3-million prize.

In the live finale aired December 3 where only four castaways remained, host Richard Gutierrez announced the votes from the last Tribal Council. Sato and sexy actress Aubrey Miles tied, forcing a second round of voting. Miles was booted out and became the last jury member.

The members of the jury--the last seven contestants who were voted off--then chose their "Celebrity Sole Survivor." 

According to's Twitter account, Jon Hall, Aira Bermudez and Moi Bien gave Sato the win. Michelle Madrigal and Elma Muros voted in favor of Solenn Heussaff, while Miles and Ahron Villena chose Ervic Vijandre.



   I am not too satisfied with the result. Though it is very obvious that Aki has the edge of winning, I still believe that Aubrey Miles should have won the title. When the 7th Jury member was announced, which happened to be Aubrey. I was a bit upset. Aubrey Miles played it very well, though some say it's dirty. Then there came the TOP 3. Each of them were given the chance to convince the jury members to vote for them. I was torn between Solenn and Ervic. But when it came to the point that their family member spoke. I rooted for Ervic. I really thought Ervic will win. Regardless. Aki still deserves to win. And Survivor Philippines was just so successful.