December 11, 2010

R.N.B Superstar NeYo

I posted this picture at NeYo's facebook fan page. Here are some of the comments. Very overwhelming.

fyi: this was during Ne-Yo's 2 night concert here in the Philippines @ Araneta Coliseum. Where I won a meet and greet pass and a VIP ticket to the concert.  I am with my cousin Che. 

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    • Bre Andambi lucky you
      November 7, 2009 at 7:57pm ·

    • Josef Alamine I love you Ne-yo=)♥
      November 26, 2009 at 3:25am ·

    • Mark Bryan V. Garcia haha.. yeah lucky me! he was reaaly nice though his guards are RUDE.
      November 26, 2009 at 12:26pm ·

    • MissLucy Panda Royle i so0o wish i was you to i love him ♥ xxx
      November 30, 2009 at 1:55pm ·

    • Mark Bryan V. Garcia haha.. that's funny. well time will come that you will meet him upclose. i wasn't much of a fan before when i met him but i became one after that very wonderful experience.

      he'll be here again in the philippines come january next year,.

      November 30, 2009 at 2:21pm ·

    • Ashten Blocker wow i wish i wuz there
      December 30, 2009 at 9:17am ·

    • Özlem Altunyaldız come closer...=)
      January 19 at 5:33pm ·

    • Nicole Urangul Khakharman waw i want meet Ne-yo
      He is amazing singer and perfect dancer in one person:)B

      He is

      January 22 at 2:23am ·

    • Nicole Urangul Khakharman best singer
      January 22 at 2:23am ·

    • Inès Geneau oh my god
      March 12 at 9:38pm ·

    • Mark Bryan V. Garcia ‎@lucky me right? lol
      March 22 at 12:57pm ·

    • Ronalyn Cheska yah...mataba pa ako that time when i met neyo in the philippines during his concert in araneta..soooo kind
      June 5 at 5:06pm ·

    • Emilya Mikayelyan I love NE-YO ♥
      July 28 at 6:24pm ·

    • Binta Camara i like your mesique
      August 13 at 12:01am ·

    • Ilyass Edi all what i know neyo is the best and his my friend
      August 28 at 8:27pm ·

    • Tamara Kopcalic I LOVE NE-YO ♥
      September 19 at 7:40pm ·

    • Jhothijo Jo love u too neyo.....kikiki
       September 22 at 7:26pm ·

      Added November 24, 2009 · ·

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        • Sazypa Clouds Elsnjak-Maezovic you're so lucky!!!!!!!
          November 28, 2009 at 2:51am ·

        • Mark Bryan V. Garcia yeah right/ neyo is very accomodating.
          November 29, 2009 at 4:12pm ·

        • MissLucy Panda Royle Damn I Wish I Was You 2 I Love Him ♥ xx
          November 30, 2009 at 1:50pm ·

        • Vahideh Persia arghhhh am jealousss
          December 12, 2009 at 8:02am ·

        • Ifeoma Njideofor Wow neyo i really like you
          December 19, 2009 at 12:57am ·

        • Javi Miranda Lisboa envy. with my love.
          December 29, 2009 at 5:30am ·

        • Paula Dybek o my god :) I envy you !
          January 7 at 4:36am ·

        • Daphney Dorine so jealoussssss.....
          January 8 at 3:03pm ·

        • Mark Bryan V. Garcia Mabuhay si Ne-Yo.
          January 8 at 6:49pm ·

        • Mickey Jew O My God!! I wish oneday can hug neyo.
          January 9 at 5:30am ·

        • Dash Calzado this was the shirt he was wearing when i interviewed him 07 @ Wave891,hahaha! same outfit w shades and all,yup i rememeber and now igot w him at encore!
          January 10 at 7:43pm ·

        • Mark Bryan V. Garcia ‎@carlito really.. nice. it was really nice meeting him in person.
          January 10 at 7:47pm ·

        • Sabrina Campbell beautiful smile neyo
          January 14 at 3:03am ·

        • Bradley Bj Engelbrecht king of RnB
          January 20 at 2:18am ·

        • Terri Glasgow i wud really like 2 meet him someday. i jus love eveythn bout him.
          January 20 at 6:18am ·

        • Jessie Chumah Mark, am jealous!
          January 24 at 4:07am ·

        • Andrea Bonvissuto mark am jealous
          January 26 at 3:13am ·

        • Mercy Matsheza OMG u looking hawt babe
          February 2 at 8:13pm ·

        • Nahuel Espósito hey esa foto se la sacaron en casa jeje?
          February 3 at 3:23am ·

          February 3 at 10:07am ·

        • Liz Lautner Corleone' This is soooo cool.....i love neyo:)))))
          February 8 at 11:14pm ·

        • Justinne H. Monroy I hate you!!!!
          February 9 at 3:45pm ·

        • Graxa Marquez You are so lucky man!!
          February 10 at 10:02pm ·

        • Paloma Cherry Mae wow cute! i watchd his concert last JAN 09,2010 sa MOA.. hes a total performer.. i really love him.. a great songwriter.. lucky nyo po..hehehe ;-)
          February 13 at 10:12pm ·

        • Marquinho Sharrk I´M BRASILEIRO neyo is very accomodating.
          February 19 at 8:30pm ·

        • Marquinho Sharrk

          adc aii ou msn

          February 19 at 8:45pm ·

        • Josefine Wolfeld Jensen det der er SNYD!! :D
          February 20 at 8:55pm ·

        • Yanique Thomas i am in love with ne-yo
          February 21 at 12:03am ·

        • Ephrem Mehari sup nigr man have look my pic
          February 24 at 10:00am ·

        • Bartłomiej Panocha Szczesciarze!!! Pozdrawiam
          February 28 at 2:48am ·

        • Haraaka Tanko i love you guy
          March 4 at 12:22pm ·

        • Janine Kristelle H i luv u ne yo
          March 9 at 5:00am ·

        • Oreo Boy Schwarzenegger ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I LUV Ü NE-YO♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

          ----=)CERTIFIED NE-YO`S FAN

          March 13 at 12:40pm ·

        • Kalina Ivanova i like this smile so much:):):)
          March 14 at 6:00am ·

        • Jelynne Go i went to your concert my mom soponsored converse
          March 16 at 3:00pm ·

        • Amoswits Baibe Okinyi I like your tattoo on your are handsome.I think you have trouble with ladies
          March 16 at 9:11pm ·

        • Sherani Govender I am so jealous !!!!!!
          March 21 at 9:24pm · · 1 personLoading...

        • Serena Blanquez ne-yo love ever
          March 22 at 10:34pm ·

        • Frédéri'c Delville Vive neyo
          March 24 at 1:10am ·

        • Kimberlyn Miller I love u ne yo so much ur my favourate singer all time u r just so amazing i love u
          March 24 at 9:05am ·

        • Alexander Vuvor Ne-Yo u're great.
          March 25 at 3:17am ·

        • Diego Felipe Carvajal Gonzalez very very very good Ne-Yo Fantastic!!
          March 25 at 10:34am ·

        • Hazel Celestine i whant to b just like u get thing to meet him
          March 26 at 10:54am ·

        • Ernest Rexking keep it up ne-yo..
          April 13 at 7:28pm ·

        • Cookie Wookie luuckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
          April 15 at 6:11am ·

        • Shavon Legall Ne-yo you can sing ur throat ass, lol. love ur voice
          April 15 at 6:11am ·

        • Neyosei Kwaku is ma drmz 2 see u neyo
          April 16 at 1:55am ·

        • Aminata Dancerlegz Bordeaux awesome
          April 17 at 1:49pm ·

        • Tiamiyu Damilola kip it up neyooooooo dha great
          April 24 at 8:54pm ·

        • Marc Ocariza hey man you so cool
          April 25 at 5:33pm ·

        • Gaby Bloudani Yanes que suerte has tenidooooo!!! me encanta Ne-Yo
          April 26 at 4:09am ·

        • Hiva Khorrami cutie
          April 30 at 10:35am ·

        • Ramza Letoaba gosh i envy you.luv u soooooooooooooooooooooooooo
          April 30 at 5:46pm ·

        • Jonathan Osit like it
          May 3 at 9:43pm ·

        • Lotfi El-king i love you Ne-Yo
          May 5 at 1:11am ·

        • Kerry Emotized-Imsoluvable Yelad i sooo envy you u ne-yo.....♥....
          May 7 at 10:19am ·

        • Reagan Franco OMG I LOVE YOUR SONGS
          May 9 at 10:28am ·

        • Anais L'aalgerina magnifiik ca c mn homme

          May 13 at 1:07am ·

        • Dainty Bennett nice pic
          May 14 at 12:06pm ·

        • Stephanie Nunez nice pic
          May 16 at 8:09am ·

        • Berni Lautner i love
          May 17 at 4:07am ·

        • Kareem Bada bada back 2bac
          May 17 at 5:56pm ·

        • Marisha Jno-Lewis nice! omg..if i was even that close to neyo, i would've so totally melted..
          May 25 at 2:19pm ·

        • Rnb Tahsim neyo the alltime smart guy
          May 26 at 4:01am ·

        • Lukáško LilTooth SuprShút OMG!!:) GOod JOb
          May 30 at 8:26pm ·

        • Melissa Awande Happy r u
          May 31 at 11:37pm ·

        • Miira Fils-Aimé very nice to picture
          June 9 at 2:09am ·

        • Ančéé Látalová aaaa I lovee ne-yo he's very hot :))
          June 10 at 3:48am ·

        • Flamingoo Abdssamad belle toof wihte you franhte
          June 10 at 11:16pm ·

        • Jose Dollano Ne-Yo is a great guy, great talent and simple kind of guy, seen his place in CRIB, so different from the posh lifestyle of his contemporaries.... so humble.... IDOL !!!
          June 14 at 4:52am ·

        • Mark Bryan V. Garcia Everyone: thank you so much for the comments. it was really a pleasure meeting NEYO, hope everyone of you experience the same thing when right time comes.
          June 14 at 2:33pm ·

        • Jaddae Chin YO
          I LOVE U

          June 19 at 7:01am ·

        • Othy Chantre Aïssi i'm so jealous
          June 19 at 5:55pm ·

        • Nelly Tsankova Love Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♥♥♥♥♥
          June 24 at 5:31am ·

        • Agnes Cps Jealousy~~I like ne-yo's T-shirt " get what you want", so you guys really got you want!! ^.*
          June 27 at 2:27am ·

        • Andrea Hartley I ♥ you Ne-Yo!!! You guys are so lucky
          July 6 at 11:37am ·

        • Peter Lucero man u tight ne yo
          July 8 at 2:26am · · 1 personLoading...

        • StaciaAna Stoby Hey NE-YO!! I love u bby....
          July 11 at 1:44pm ·

        • Landela Andries I lyk ur lips
          July 20 at 2:42am ·

        • Valerie Phanor I love neyo!!
          July 23 at 2:06am ·

        • Katjuscha Best Ne-Yo did you like Astana on July 6th (Kazakhstan)?
          July 30 at 4:30am · · 1 personLoading...

        • Katjuscha Best likes you too
          July 30 at 4:31am · · 1 personLoading...

        • Flavia D. Phranko ♥Ne-yo♥

          Ne-yo in Brazil \o/

          August 5 at 6:37am ·

        • Rahmania Hardiani VERY VERY ENVY! PLEASE NE-YO COME TO INDONESIA!!!!!!!!!!!!
          August 20 at 1:37am ·

        • Dickson Mogire wsup NE-YO?am ur fan all tha way from kenya,keep it up bro u da greatest of all time.
          September 1 at 2:54pm ·

        • Hannah Midgett' Johnston aww thats a nice picture of you's ♥
          September 5 at 4:10am ·

        • Vania Vieira I love Ne-yo
          September 5 at 7:40am ·

        • Anam Khan ‎"Like" the Michael Jackson official facebook fanpage and help reach it 20 million mark - a new record. Invite your friends, they don't have to be MJ fans, MJ is a common interest everywhere.

          Ne-yoo ♥

          September 8 at 12:36am ·

        • Crystal Rodriquez I am such a huge fan! Hav been since day one! Got everythag uve recorded! Jus havin gotten da opportunity yet 2 me u, im still workin on it lol! Luv u n ur music soo much n keep bein on r "grown n sexy"! Dats da "grown man" n u n i luv it!!!
          September 9 at 5:25pm ·

        • Zhuldyzai Musabekova I See You in 6th July (Kazakhstan)... OMG I Love You so much =)
          September 12 at 12:15am ·

        • Vanessa Zanga you very very very beautiful l love you!
          September 24 at 6:38am ·

        • Crystal Gail Roxas i envy you guys.:(
          September 29 at 9:57am ·

        • Farhan Burningss I LIKE it
          October 8 at 9:23pm ·

        • YoonJoo Bae Ah....I envy her...
          October 9 at 1:44am ·

        • Yassine Akatapparawowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
          October 11 at 5:46am ·

        • Yassine Akatappara what's your favorite football team ne-yo?
          October 11 at 5:47am ·

        • Ielhaam Stone Everyttime im sad i hink or listen to u an my hole world becomes hole again coz u hve dat way of makin ppl feel gud
          October 15 at 8:36pm ·

        • Javkhlan Enkhbayar u guys r so damn lucky
          October 15 at 8:59pm ·

        • Miguel Alexander Martinez Sarabio i love ne yo
          October 16 at 12:23am ·

        • Emmerencia Lungile HAPPY BRTHDAY NEYO,HOPE U ENJOY UR DAY
          October 18 at 11:39am ·

        • Derwin Neyo Davis i wish i was there to meet him people say me and him look alike
          October 19 at 4:34am ·

        • Ammar Hashim Arafa
          NE-YO and that's it

          I really respect you man your a one of a kind , or should I say One of a Million ;D. Keep up what your doin man much luv :):):):)

          And btw lucky you guys I really envy you right now :D lool ,, Nice pic guys keep it up :D:D...:D See More

          November 13 at 8:02am ·

        • Nanaa Francisco Woah, many comments here. Okae, Ne-Yo, i love ur songs & ur dance steps! Yeaa, i aint tat good in dancing man! I love yahh! (;
          November 19 at 7:04am ·