September 17, 2011


Fun. Fun. Fun Saturday.

I am very HAPPY this week for several reasons. First off, I was aligned with my team's schedule. For the longest time now I have been on a different shift from them. They're on 8pm-5am shift, whereas I'm on a 1am-10am shift. Secondly I have been able to get a Saturday-Sunday Off. And just today, our Team Captain had his advance Birthday Party Celebration. We've had an early breakfast on their house. It was a pizza/hotdog galore. It's always the chit-chat part that I love the most. I missed doing it with my team. Later on we decided to go to Mars Video Bar at Ortigas to have some Inuman/Videoke Sessions.

Oh, I just love my team. They're one of my motivations to go to work and be better at it. I will forever be thankful I've been part of this team. Though come the following weeks I'll be on a different schedule again for my schooling. Time again for being lonely at floor.

To all you guys, I Miss You and I Love You. ☺ ♥