July 4, 2011

Aurora Province not Aurora Quezon

Yes, you read it right. It is Aurora Province and not Aurora Quezon, at least not anymore. Our province is always a victim of this misconception. It is true though that we have been once part of the Quezon Province but for the longest time now Aurora has been granted a Province Status since August 13, 1979 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos  by virtue of Batas Bambansa Blg. 7. I can't blame the people if they still think that Aurora is still part of Quezon. Let's face it, our Province is not known very well. If not because of TYPHOONS we may not even have a mark on people's minds. But mind you, Aurora  can boast a lot of its good features.

So Folks. Let me Introduce my Province. Yup, I am a Proud Auroran. Let me do this to help spread the information how beautiful my province is. 

Aurora Province is located on the East-Central side of Luzon Island. It has a total land area of 323,954 hectares. Agriculture is the primary industry in Aurora, employing approximately half of the population.


1. Baler (Provincial Capital)

Dicasalarin Beach. Baler
   Baler is the capital of Aurora Province and its oldest municipality. The name "baler" is said to have originated from "balod," a type of mountain pigeon. Baler is the second most populous town and the densest in Aurora although it is the smallest in terms of land area. It is also where President Manuel L. Quezon and his wife, Dona Aurora Aragon, hail from.

2. Casiguran
Casapsapan Beach. Casiguran
   Casiguran is one of the three northern towns collectively known as the 'Dicadi' area, which stands for Dinalungan-Casiguran-Dilasag. Among the three, Casiguran is the most populous town and is often considered the northern capital of Aurora. Casiguran is the most developed town in Dicadi, boasting an airport, a full-scale hospital and white sandy beaches.

3. Dilasag
Canawer Beach. Dilasag

   Dilasag is the northernmost municipality of Aurora Province. Being the farthest town from Metro Manila, it is largely undeveloped. Its beauty lies in its natural attractions: a long, unspoiled coastline, highlighted by fine, white-sand beaches. This quaint town is ideal for visitors longing for an escape into idyllic environs.

4. Dinalungan

Dinadiawan Beach. Dipaculao
   Dinalungan is the least populous municipality in Aurora. It is bound by the Dinalungan River, Dinadiawan Creek and Casiguran Sound. While surrounded by water, the town is nestled in the mountains, making for excellent hikes that afford spectacular views of the ocean.

5. Dingalan
Dingalan Beach. Dingalan

   Dingalan is the nearest municipality to Metro Manila, and the southernmost town of Aurora. The Sierra Madres separate Dingalan from the rest of the province.A portion of Barangay Umiray in Dingalan was proclaimed in January 2000 as a Special Economic Zone by President Joseph Estrada. It forms part of the Pacific Coast City Ecozone that also includes areas located in Barangay Umiray in Gen. Nakar, Quezon. The ecozone is destined to be a world-class resort and investment haven.

6. Dipaculao
Ampere Beach. Dipaculao

   Dipaculao is the northernmost town of the central sub-region of Aurora. Its land area is a long strip that offers a stunning vista from any vantage point. Dipaculao is bound by the Pacific Ocean to the east and by virgin forests of the Sierra Madres Mountain Range to the west. Traveling along the Dipaculao highway, one is smitten by the sublime contrast of breezes from the Pacific Ocean and sylvan zephyrs from the Sierra Madres. The town's waterfalls and natural springs offer a pleasing respite from the scenic drive.

7.  Maria Aurora
Malamig River. Maria Aurora

    Maria Aurora is the most populous municipality in Aurora. It is the only non-coastal town in the Province and is largely a mountainous area. One of its barangays, Villa Aurora, is situated right by the Aurora Memorial National Park, which encompasses most of the Baler-Bongabon Highway and the Sierra Madres forests around it. Tourists flock to the town to visit the famous Millennium Tree.

and of course, my hometown

8. San Luis
Ditumabo Falls. San Luis

   San Luis is the largest municipality in Aurora and the home of Baler Airport. San Luis is the first town one happens upon after traveling through the Aurora National Memorial Park. Like Dipaculao, San Luis welcomes visitors with a dazzling array of waterfalls and natural spring pools.

photo and info credits: Aurora Province Website