May 19, 2011


"Many people say good friends are hard to find, but I know I'm not that kind."
"When you need a friend and that you can depend, you can count me because you're my best friend. "
Ang sarap ng feeling na meron ka best friend. Friends are one of the best blessings from God. I am really thankful na I have been friends to a lot of people. I really treasure the friendship I share with them. Ako ang dami kong mga bestfriends. Meron from work, from high school, college, online, kababata, family atbp.  Thanks sa inyong lahat at sana madagdagan pa kayo hehe.

College Bestfriends

Work Bestfriends


Childhood Bestfriend

One of my fave bessies hehe.

my newest bff //college classmate

my college bessies / ponggay and chie

My Ultimate Bestfriend and my favorite cousin