July 1, 2014

Jason Mraz: YES! to Green

Jason Mraz - Philippines. Last 22nd June 2014, Pinoy Mrazians went back to the earth and planted trees at the Binhi ng Kalayaan and Quirino Grandstand at Luneta Park, Manila. 37 trees were planted to celebrate Jason Mraz's 37th birthday (June 23). 

Jason Mraz - Philippines
This is the 2nd year Mrazians united to support one of the advocacies being promoted by Jason Mraz, which is environmental protection by doing tree planting activities. Jason and his team have noticed and appreciated the efforts of Pinoy fans. 

Amazing Mrazians
The success of the event was overwhelming. I never thought that there are fans who are more than willing to dedicate their time and spend their spare amount to support this effort initiated by the Jason Mraz - Philippines team. It is not easy to organize such event. We had to secure permit from the National Parks Development Committee of Luneta Park and they have specific requirement in terms of the trees to be planted. On our case, we were asked to plant "Balitbitan trees."

Jason Mraz - Philippines team (L-R) Coordinator Jill, Admin Bryan (me), Coordinator April, and Admin Praz with the representatives from NPDC - Luneta Park. 

We were guided by the representatives from the National Parks Development Committee of Luneta Park all through out the tree planting event. 17 trees were planted at the Binhi ng Kalayaan while the other 20 trees were planted at Quirino Grandstard (it was the first time they allowed to have trees planted at that this venue). Right after the tree planting event, Mrazians once again met up to do a quick "get-to-know-each-other" session. Everyone introduced themselves and stated their favorite Mraz songs. Each Mrazians went home with a smile on their faces not only because they were a part of this good deed but also because of the fact that they were able to meet fellow fans of Mraz. 

For more information about Jason Mraz, please visit our Facebook fan page "Jason Mraz - Philippines." Meanwhile, please check out some of the pictures taken during the event. See you again next year.

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