October 13, 2012

Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Amazing Palawan.

It was a very quick vacation. Super bitin. But at least, I still have the reason to go back.

We arrived at Palawan around 8pm. We had our dinner at Ka Inato restaurant. Among all the food we ordered, my favorite was the "Walang Kamatayang Pansit," deliciouso.

We stayed at JAMP Pension House. This place is far from the city. Luckily, they offer free airport-hotel-airport transfer. The hotel service was an A-ok. 2 out 5 stars for me.

2nd Day. Breakfast at the rooftop. Coolness. We're headed to our main adventure, to experience the Puerto Princesa Underground River. We were fetched by our tour guide at around 9am (by the way, we booked the PPUR tour though our hotel). You have to travel around 2-3 hours to the main port where we were carried by the boat which brought us to the main place, twas about 45 mins I think. We're welcomed by the awesome view of the ocean. Truly captivating.

PPUR tour. Registration. Helmet. Life Jacket. All set. The whole experience was just simply amazing. Surreal. It's something unexplainable. You have to experience it yourself. Add to it, the very comic tour guide we had. He's just but great. Perfect comic timing, some of his jokes may have been corny, but it was still funny. Thanks Piolo Pasyal.

Inside the cave, you'll see different rock formations, imaginative objects, bats, darkness and beauty.

We went home directly after the trip which lasted for only 45 minutes. Our firefly watching activity was cancelled as it rained that night. We opted to try out several restos in the city.

Kinabuch. Our first stop. We had out dinner here. I think this is one of the most popular restos in Puerto Princesa. Super delicious foods. 4 stars for me.

Ka Lui. My fave. Cozy place. You'll definitely fall in love with this resto. They don't have lots of food choices though. But nevertheless, it's so unique. I will definitely recommend this place. 5 stars for me.

That's all. Haha. I had an early flight schedule back to Manila. I was not even able to buy pasalubong. I'll back.

Fun, Fun, Fun Palawan.