May 2, 2010

Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever Wanted Tour

The Kelly Clarkson  Experience!

She was here for a One Night Concert only. Kelly made the 1st day of May, he best day Manila has ever had. Everyone head over to Araneta Coliseum to check out this once in a lifetime experience. 

It was a night that Kelly Clarkson, winner of the 1st season of American Idol, showcased her exquisite gift of vocals. Hailed Grand Winner of the first ever season last 2002, Kelly is an act Manila has been waiting for, it took  8 years before she decided to stage her concert here. 

Kelly Clarkson is considered to be the most successful Idol to date.

The concert was opened by our very own Miguel Escueta who sang at least four songs including his hits Fallin' Away and Sleeping while the World's Awake. The show is supposed to start by 8 p.m however, the main show started at around 9 pm-ish already.

Screaming here and there, lights on and off. Indicating the start of the show. Unparalleled noise compounded the Big Dome as Kelly entered the stage. She sang All I Ever Wanted for her opening act. Energy was definitely all over the place, it never went down, she was able to sustain it from each and every performance she did.

Concert goers, mostly young peeps and young adults, was jumping all through out the concert. Kelly Clarkson's vocal prowess is AMAZING. It is unbelievable to be hearing such beautiful voice echoing to your ears. It was powerful. Her performances are all at HIGH CALIBER.  She interacts well with her audience, audiences on the other hand reciprocated. Kelly recently turned 28, and celebrated it in Singapore, she received a cake from a Filipino Fan,  she personally thanked the sender.

(followed by Black Eyed Peas, David Cook - David Archuletta and NE -YO)

For those who missed out the concert, here is the recap of the songs she sang:


1) All I Ever Wanted
2) Miss Independent
3) I Do Not Hook Up
4) Impossible
5) That I Would Be Good(Alanis Morisette song)/ 
     Use Somebody(Kings of Leon song)
6) Breakaway
7) If I Can’t Have You/ Can’t Get Out of My Head(Kylie Minogue song)
8)Never Again
9) Lies(The Black Keys song)
10) Medley(Acoustic Set):
-Just Missed The Train
11)Behind These Hazel Eyes(acoustic)
12) Cry
13)I Want You
14)Don’t Let Me Stop You
15) Because of You
16)Walk Away
17)Since U Been Gone

19)Already Gone
20)Seven Nation Army(The White Stripes cover)
21)My Life Would Suck Without You

Most songs were applauded, some of them were the hits like Since You Been Gone, Already Gone, I Want You, Because of You, I Do Not Hook Up, Sober, All I Ever Wanted, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Walk Away and of course her closing song My Life Would Suck Without You wherein crowd was jumping in to their seats to show their appreciation for Kelly's most precious visit to Manila. 

Okay, I'll be honest. Ticket Sales may have not been as successful as I have thought it would be, but her presence alone is more than enough. Araneta is just half filled. I have some theories as to why it happened. 1) It is Holiday here in our country, and most people prefer to go back to their provinces for that little while. 2) There were not much promotion that was made. But heck, ABS-CBN is known for good events-promotion. They should have spent more to capture everyone's attention.  3)She's not POPULAR here, which i beg to disagree. Her IDOL status may have been since 2002, but she have songs that have been enjoying good airtime plays here in our country, and to think her target market are the young individuals. It all boils down to the producer/promoter of the show. 

I bought the P1500 priced ticket, lucky that some higher - priced seats are not filled, we were asked to fill in those spaces. I could only be thankful. I feel sorry for Kelly, it is such a shame to see that part of the concert areas are not filled. But Kelly Clarkson is Kelly Clarkson. Based on reports it was around 6 thousand Kelly fans that filled the Big Dome. 

Kelly please COMEBACK. Your performance is worth every peso we have paid for.