April 7, 2010

Dive and Grind - High School Reunion

Yet another High School Reunion, this time around, to celebrate Juliet's day. It was a plan, which wasn't actually planned.Meeting time was 6pm;
some arrived on time, some late and others super late. As the majority of the group arrived at Sta Lucia mall, they waited for others, with a very unusual waiting place, at SOGO hotel. Strange as it may seem but they waited there for like an hour or two. When the group got completed. We drove to the resort. It was a long, long, long, long trip; we thought it was never ending. Budget. Since High School till now, still a problem. Haha. We rented tables to accommodate our foods and ourselves. We were prohibited to bring in some hard drinks. We hid it somewhere and eventually connived with the guard and we’re permitted. Good job Merwin. As we settle our place, our celebration was officiated by Regine (who by the way, has to exit sooner than us, she's got work that night). Everyone sung Happy Birthday for Juliet (who turned 22). Chit - chats here and there, It was fun to be reunited once more with those you shared the happiest moments of your student life. We may not be complete, but the idea of being able to gather once in a while, find time to be with each other, and spend time, is more than enough. Swim, Dive, Jump, Slide.. Of course it would be complete without those. Everyone enjoyed it. Drinking sessions was there but since we are a very moderate group, we managed to still behave, apart from this crazy guy named Walter (the tamest among back in HS), he was just but, crazy. Literally. We were only ten, but there are 4 digicams around, thus, expect lots and lots of pictures. By the way, let me thank you guys again and let's have another gathering. Walter, Regine, Frenzy, Juliet, Eloize, Merwyn, Arlian, Jovel and Kino. Here are the pictures. Enjoy.