August 27, 2009


I was invited to attend the MYX Setlist event for Miguel Escueta last August 26, 2009, which coincides with my 22nd Birthday. I am not much of a fan, but since i was short with budget to have a celebration, I chose to go on with the event so it'll be a different one this time. Call time was 5:30pm and the event is supposed to take place by 6pm. But of course, Filipino time, it then happened by 7:30-ish. But in fairness to Miguel and his companions they arrived on time. It was due to sounds men unprofessional attitudes that made the event delayed. ABS CBN would have, one of the most advance security measures among any other buildings. You must be supplied with proper IDs so you can enter their points. It was cool. I am on the elevator that brought me to the 9th floor, and one of my many co - passengers happened to be And I Love You So director, Laurenti Dyogi. Very unfortunate for him, as other people are actually talking/bad mouthing about his current movie. When i reached the area where the event will happen, I was welcomed by a very accommodating person named Mobi, i suppose he works for ABS CBN Interactive. Then there came a lady who gave me a signed CD of Miguel Escueta. When Miguel Escueta and company arrived, i was introduced to them and we ate together. We had pizza and everything while we all are conversing and throwing questions. I love the pizza, it was pretty much my "handa" already for my Bday. Miguel is a very nice person, very down to earth, and he'll make sure you're okay all through out your stay. He'll always check me if I'm having fun. Not to mention his companion is very nice as well, though he hardly talk. I as well met Rodel of MCA music, a very nice person indeed. There then the gig happened and i saw Miguel performed his music live. Very Gifted. I knew that he writes his songs. Wish i have that kind of talent as well. It went for about 45 minutes and it was all worth it. After the gig, we pose for some picture taking and the goodbyes' are said. It really was a memorable birthday for me. Nice. Thank You Miguel Escueta, Thank You MYX. Your Choice! Your Music!